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Different membership levels
Date 2012-09-04 | Views  8457

We have put all members in different levels on so that we have more control of the people trying so abuse our community and its members.

Certain member levels cannot access or post in some areas but this can change anytime.

We wish that we all could get along but as you know this is far from the reality we live in and people are trying to destroy for others every day.

You can read more about our very strict spam policy in our FAQ and we can assure you we will do everything we can to enforce it.

At the moment we have these different levels but this could change at any given time.


The Probation of members who have been a naughty boy / girl and have been moved down to the basement and from there they can only watch as the fun take place at the member�s area. We keep a close look on these members and if they try to register again, they will be blocked and suspended. They just have to wait until their punishment is over.


These members will probably ever let back in again. We saved the IP and email to make sure they not come back.


These members have put the membership on hold and that should be respected. After a certain period of time we will delete the member but not before we asked them about it.


The guests are not registered members and cannot communicate or view profiles with registered members. If you are guest, you cannot even read this. To be able to communicate or view, profiles they need to register.

Basic Members

Basic members are registered members with no photos and no profile and they cannot do much but wink and view other members having fun. They have access to their own profile and can upload photos and complete their profile and that will lead them to the next level.


Lurkers are the people that have a complete profile but no real photos; they have access to some area basic members have but not that much.

Ladyboy Profile

These are real verifed Ladyboys.

Lifestyle Member

The Lifestyle Members are the once that have access to all the functions in the community. To become a Lifestyle Member you need to upload at least 8 different real photos, complete the profile and upload some kind of verification like video or ID. We also like the lifestyle members to contribute to our community by blogging and posting in forums. All verifications will of course be kept private.
If you want to belong to this member level, please contact us.

Pro Member

Pro Members are members that have the BDSM as a lifestyle and income, they have a dungeon, website, cam site or others things that can verify that they are real. Pro members also have access to all the functions in the community. Your profile will also be highlighted and promoted. If you feel you belong to this member level, we would like to talk to you please contact us.

Premium Member

Premium Members are the highest ranking members on this community; they have either bought a membership or supported us in other ways. Premium Members have access to all the functions in the community plus they get priority support and are listed on the front page if they wish.
If you want to belong to this category selective member level, please contact us.


Moderators are the backbone of the community, they should be respected for the work they do. If you like to help them check out their wish list or donation boxes. They have access to all the functions in the community plus they can change your membership status and send you on probation.


Should not be disturbed, an Admin works in the shadows which should not be seen or heard. If you hear from the Admin, you probably done something very bad and your days of reckoning are coming.