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For Their Tears I Died by Patricia King
Date 2012-10-05 | Views  1204

 There are approximately 27 million people around the world right now who are enslaved in the sex trade, forced labor, and solider camps. Half of them are children.

It is estimated that every 30 seconds someone is trafficked for sexual exploitation. Others are forced into hard labor, working 20 or more hours a day, treated worse than animals. Then there are those who are kidnapped, brutalized, and made to fight for despotic armies and militias. Others are trapped in the lie that the only way they can make a living is to sell themselves to be used for all sorts of perversions.
Tens of millions are held in the bondage of unimaginable darkness and oppression. But there is One who came to set them free. There is One who dispels the darkness with His Light, and works miracle after miracle to bring freedom to all. There is One whose love never fails. Jesus!
This book is filled with story after story proving that there is nothing impossible for our God. You will see that there is no pit too deep, no darkness too bleak, and no circumstances too hopeless for God to invade and forever change. It will remind you that God hears the cry of every heart, and is well able to reach out with the light of His love to shatter every darkness.
These true stories come from Thailand, Cambodia, Southeast Asia, the Sudan, Brazil and North America. They will leave you forever changed. Get ready to be inspired by the bigness of our God!
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