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Date 2012-10-06 | Views  987 | Books

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Welcome to the Fun House by Jack C. Corbett
Date 2012-10-06 | Views  988

 Herman the German gives huge discounts to prospective buyers of his condos, but there's a catch. To buy from him they must meet his bizarre standards and having the purchase price in hand is not enough to satisfy the eccentric German. The offers are almost impossible to refuse as Herman looks for the perfect candidates for his upscale Bahthaus condominiums. But Herman's condo project is in Pattaya, Thailand, the most hedonistic city on earth The residents carouse their way from one bar to the next as the Bahthaus becomes the Fun House where hardly anyone acts responsibly. "The Fun House" has a hopelessly inept Thai manager who can't get anything done unless he can get a commission from overcharging the Fun House condo owners. It's Only when one of the residents falls off his balcony and the police conveniently rule it an accident that the immature residents must decide between giving up their childish ways and taking the law into their own hands.

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