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» Welcome to the Fun House by Jack C. Corbett
Date 2012-10-06 | Views  1102 | Books |

Herman the German gives huge discounts to prospective buyers of his condos, but there's a catch. To buy from him they must meet his bizarre standards and having the purchase price in hand is not enough to satisfy the eccentric German. The offers are almost impossible to refuse as Herman looks for the perfect candidates for his upscale Bahthaus condominiums. But Herman's condo project is in Pattaya, Thailand, the most hedonistic city on earth The residents carouse their way from one bar to the next as the Bahthaus becomes the Fun House where hardly anyone acts responsibly. "The Fun House" has a hopelessly inept Thai manager who can't get anything done unless he can get a commission from overcharging the Fun House condo owners. It's Only when one of the residents falls off his balcony and the police conveniently rule it an accident that the immature residents must decide between giving up their childish ways and taking the law into their own hands.

» xxx Shemale xxx by Sara Swallows
Date 2012-10-06 | Views  1507 | Books |

A young Stud has a long day and decides to stop off at a Topless Show Club on the way home. He is surrounded with some of the most beautiful girls he has ever seen. He cant believe his luck when he gets his huge cock sucked off in a dark corner with some lap dances for cover. When he gets invited home with 3 of the hottest sluts in the club he has the hottest sex of his life. His first experience with a beauty with a cock opens up a whole new world for him when he learns 2 of the beauties have cocks. He is finding a level of pleasure most can only dream of. You will need a towel to read this one, or you might find yourself covered with cum.

» Pattaya Ladies by Michael J. Baird
Date 2012-10-06 | Views  1185 | Books |

These cartoons are daily sights Mike has seen strolling around Pattaya Town.

» For Their Tears I Died by Patricia King
Date 2012-10-05 | Views  1310 | Books |

There are approximately 27 million people around the world right now who are enslaved in the sex trade, forced labor, and solider camps. Half of them are children. It is estimated that every 30 seconds someone is trafficked for sexual exploitation. Others are forced into hard labor, working 20 or more hours a day, treated worse than animals. Then there are those who are kidnapped, brutalized, and made to fight for despotic armies and militias. Others are trapped in the lie that the only way they can make a living is to sell themselves to be used for all sorts of perversions. Tens of millions are held in the bondage of unimaginable darkness and oppression. But there is One who came to set them free. There is One who dispels the darkness with His Light, and works miracle after miracle to bring freedom to all. There is One whose love never fails. Jesus! This book is filled with story after story proving that there is nothing impossible for our God. You will see that there is no pit too deep, no darkness too bleak, and no circumstances too hopeless for God to invade and forever change. It will remind you that God hears the cry of every heart, and is well able to reach out with the light of His love to shatter every darkness. These true stories come from Thailand, Cambodia, Southeast Asia, the Sudan, Brazil and North America. They will leave you forever changed. Get ready to be inspired by the bigness of our God!

» Die Sexschule by Stephan Albrecht
Date 2012-10-05 | Views  1162 | Books |

Willkommen in der inkteraktiven Sexschule, die Sexschule ist eine Schule zum mitmachen und Spass haben. In der Sexschule hast du verschiedene Kurse und jeder Kurs hat eine unterschiedliche Anzahl von Unterrichtsstunden.

» Filth by M. King
Date 2012-10-05 | Views  1267 | Books |

Does gender really matter? Kel and Toni are two damaged people, both trying to find answers. But, where Kel’s hopes for the future lie mainly with outreach programs and a new life with his lover, Toni’s looking for absolution in a bottle of Mexican hormone pills.

» xxx T-Girl by Sara Swallows
Date 2012-10-05 | Views  1183 | Books |

Frank is recovering from a divorce and needs to build his confidence up a bit where women are concerned. He decides what he needs is a new car, turns out what he really needs is the drop dead beauty that sold it to him a T-Girl named Shelby. Life for Frank makes one hell of a turn as he finds a world of pleasure he never knew existed.

» The Trouser People by Andrew Marshall
Date 2012-10-05 | Views  1011 | Books |

Two journeys, one hundred years apart--that of the eccentric British explorer George Scott, who introduced the game of soccer to Burmese natives, and that of the author, charting the same dangerous terrain in a country vastly changed by colonialism, war, and politics. Andrew Marshall has written an unforgettable adventure story, the wry account of two journeys into the untraveled heart of Burma. Part travelogue, part history, part reportage, The Trouser People recounts the story of George Scott, the eccentric British explorer, photographer, adventurer, and later Colonial Administrator of Burma, who introduced the Empire's best game (soccer!) to Burmese natives and to the forbidden Wa state of headhunters, who were similarly enthusiastic about it. The second, contrasting journey is Marshall's own, taking the same dangerous path one hundred years later in a country now devastated by colonial incompetence, war, and totalitarianism. Wonderfully observed, mordantly funny, and skillfully recounted, this is journalistic travel writing at its best.

» Dead Bangkok by J.D. Villines
Date 2012-10-05 | Views  1112 | Books |

A city where the dead walk and the ghosts play in the dark corners of your mind. After an outbreak of brain parasites turns the living into flesh-eating cannibals, three survivors -- a drug smuggler plus an English teacher and his girlfriend -- try to survive among the afflicted hordes

» Triple Tranny Temptation by Blake Worthington
Date 2012-10-03 | Views  5950 | Books |

“Wet Noodle” – A chance encounter with a sexy, passable she-male leaves a Las Vegas convention attendee completely wet in more ways than one! “Room Service”- A traveling businessman is immediately taken by the cute Latina working the front desk of his budget hotel, but he’s taken aback in surprise when he finds out just how far she’ll go to demonstrate excellent customer service.

» Sexual Ecstasy with a Thai Ladyboy by Yok Waen
Date 2012-10-03 | Views  1255 | Books |

First time for a young horny tourist to taste a beautiful Thai Ladyboy. A working ‘girl’ picks up a tourist in a local bar – The beautiful sexy bitch leads him to a back room where he experiences sexual pleasure like never before! Red Hot Sex! Highly recommended! Contains: Free Bonus Material Sex with a beautiful Thai Shemale - lust, love and steamy sex! A story of sweet seduction and red hot sex for a first time guy and his Asian T.S!

» Bule Gila by Bartele Santema
Date 2012-10-03 | Views  895 | Books |

In a secluded corner of a shopping and entertainment complex in Jakarta lies a bar called BuGils. BuGils, a contraction of bule and gila (in addition to being the Indonesian word for ‘naked’), has had the honor of hosting the most colorful collection of locals and foreigners Jakarta has ever seen. The manager of BuGils, Bartele Santema, has spent five years amongst these creatures and with a keen eye and sharp wit observed and documented their curious behavior. The Colonel who upsets everyone. The Brit who buys used socks. The second-hand newspaper seller who is smelled before he is seen. The cook who moonlights as a mystic. The Dutchman who gets new teeth. All of these – and many more – make up this collection of riotously funny stories of life in Jakarta as seen through the eyes of a foreigner.

» La Di Da Di Bloody Da! by Robin Anderson
Date 2012-10-03 | Views  848 | Books |

We are transvestites of taste! Miz Miranda Maracona and Miz Kookie Kombuis - one so fair, the other so, so dark! - are two enormously talented and hugely endowed transvestites who run a special service from Soho's Old Compton Street - The M K Agency. Looking for something different? Well, Prince Igor Pisskossovitch certainly is, and when the girls take on the Kylie Minogue lookalike as a client, they find themselves in a glorious Ruritanian foperetta in the remote principality of Bejesustan, where camp is the watchword and coups d'état the national sport. Divided loyalties and lingering lusts turn would-be assassins and victims into brothers in arms in Robin Anderson's sophisticated fantasy of 'courtly' love with a special twist. A proverbial 'piss-down' ends in two fatalities that have tongues and every other appendage wagging. Who's the new Prince of Bejesustan? Surely not Mike the Spike, the porn star . . .? There's plenty to relish in these pulsating pages for lovers of laughter, and indeed lovers of all sorts. And wouldn't the world be a lacklustre place without the likes of Miz Kookie and Miz Miranda to put a tranny in the works?

» Porn's Stars by Chris Burrows
Date 2012-10-01 | Views  849 | Books |

Porn’s in hospital after a minor motorcycle accident; with time to kill, she and Chris sit and recount and regale each other with almost a dozen new stories about people they’ve known down the years; people of a certain persuasion, people who don’t quite fit into any particular sexual ‘compartment’—Ladyboys, Ladygirls, cross dressers, transvestites, bi-men, bi-girls and so on—just some of the eclectic inhabitants of ‘Transgenderland’—her ‘Stars’ as she so aptly calls them. With Porn’s long history of being involved with the TG world, she certainly has enough stories to fill several books and her stories contain more than few surprises; needless to say, Chris finds himself surprised, maybe at times astonished, at the depth of Porn’s knowledge about her ‘Stars’ ‘sexploits’ and ‘sexperiences’. In any event, telling Chris about her ‘Stars’ seems to be good therapy for Porn and, by the end of the night, she’s ready to slip into sleep, leaving Chris horny and expectant, looking at his notes and wondering, amongst other things: ‘Who did what to whom? Where did they do it? Do such people really exist? Why do they enjoy ‘unorthodox’ sexual encounters so much? Am I really like that?’ Eleven new stories all faithfully related by Porn and Chris, together in one new book; ‘Porn’s Stars’ completes the first quintet of stories from Transgenderland by Chris Burrows…

» Whispers and Moans by Yeeshan Yang
Date 2012-10-01 | Views  862 | Books |

With glitzy nightclubs, saunas, karaoke lounges and brothels, Hong Kong's sex business is booming. But how do local prostitutes compete with an endless supply of girls from China? To find out, Yang spent a year with the city's hookers. The result is an eye-opening book which shows the human side of sex for sale - easy money, financial ruin and hopeless relationships - and first-hand insights into the huge but hidden sex industry.

» Thai Heat! by Yok Waen
Date 2012-10-01 | Views  1012 | Books |

Getting ‘Hot and Dirty’ with a beautiful Thai Sex Queen – Chicks with Dicks and horny tourists! First time sex; bar room pickups; Hotel all nighters! Sexual experience of the third kind- Red Hot Sex! Highly recommended! Sex with a beautiful Thai Shemale - lust, love and steamy sex! A story of sweet seduction and red hot sex for a first time guy and his Asian T.S! Don’t Miss!

» My First Time with a Thai Ladyboy by Yok Waen
Date 2012-09-30 | Views  915 | Books |

First time sex with a gorgeous Thai TS who picks up a young tourist for a long night of red hot sex! The beautiful ‘Queen of the Night’ leads him away to experience sexual pleasure like never before! Red Hot Sex! Highly recommended Sex with a beautiful Thai Shemale - lust, love and steamy sex! A story of sweet seduction and red hot sex for a first time guy and his Asian T.S! Don’t Miss!

» Hello! I'm Your Husband's Tranny Mistress by Blake Worthington
Date 2012-09-30 | Views  2527 | Books |

» Dating Guide Shemales by Peter Grieten
Date 2012-09-30 | Views  889 | Books |

We have written this guide in a clear understandable and easily readable language in order to make the information accessible to everyone who is interested in it.

Date 2012-09-28 | Views  827 | Books |


» Forbidden Desire (Bangkok Nights) by Aya Fukunishi
Date 2012-09-28 | Views  1413 | Books |

After a month in Bangkok Sarah has discovered a long hidden sexuality. She pushes her boundaries and gives herself wholly to her conquests. And yet she needs more. Only a chance meeting with an alluring young ladyboy can lead her to her final prize. Forbidden Desire is the third story in the bestselling Bangkok Nights series. The first short stories, Bondage in Bangkok and Satisfying Sarah, are available at Amazon.

» Ladyboy 'Cash for Sex' Tales of Lust & Debauchery by Yok Waen
Date 2012-09-28 | Views  889 | Books |

Thai Ladyboy sex with tourists. She Male lust, love and steamy sex! A beautiful Thai girl picks up a Canadian tourist in a bar – The hot sexy bitch dressed in her short skirt and sexy stockings soon persuades the reluctant guy to take her to his hotel room; revealing her ‘little secret’ that her pick up is only too keen to find out about and explore to his full satisfaction. Highly recommended!

» The Nun's Naughty Secret by Victoria Scarlett
Date 2012-09-27 | Views  1026 | Books |

Sister Yvette despises Sister Rufina, so she is delighted when she discovers forbidden lingerie in Rufina's room. But before she can report it, Yvette is punished for the sinful garments. She confronts Rufina, accidentally finding another item - a large sparkly dildo hidden under her bed. Yvette immediately comes up with a humiliating revenge, but when the time comes, she may be the one who's taught a lesson in personal space.

» It's All About The Blood by Joe Donnachie
Date 2012-09-27 | Views  2495 | Books |

It is the story of strigoi aristocrat, Tudor Antonescu, Lord of the West, of the moroi Nick Brakspear, Lord of the East, and of ancient Vladu Vulpes who rules South London with an iron hand.

» One Trans Woman's Spiritual Journey by Lorrainne Baskerville
Date 2012-09-27 | Views  855 | Books |

A true story Transcending into womanhood in Phuket, Thailand Everyone sees what you appear to be... Few people experience what you really are... Because of the way we look... And because of the way society sees us...

» The Cherry Blossom and The Parang by Geoff Anderson
Date 2012-09-25 | Views  943 | Books |

Darren Friday, an American driller struggling with culture shock, takes his first overseas posting in Sarawak on the edge of the tropical rain-forests of Borneo. Within days of arriving he encounters an enigmatic Chinese girl, falls foul of the violent local Triad head and uncovers political corruption. Fleeing to the jungle for sanctuary he meets Kirsty, a self-assured Glaswegian and through her champions the cause of the nomadic Penan tribe, fighting an unequal war with Timber barons to protect their security and way of life. Darren is forced to change his beliefs and his attitudes to survive and protect those he grows to love.

» Cocktails & Dreams by Guy Lilburne
Date 2012-09-25 | Views  864 | Books |

Just as Danny O’Brien starts to settle down to peace and quiet and a happy married life in Isaan in the north east of Thailand a serial killer starts terrorizing the beautiful tropical holiday island of Phuket, targeting the sex workers around the bar scene. When ex Detective Sergeant Danny O’Brien is drafted in as a Detective Consultant on the case he uncovers further murders from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, going back over a ten year period. He makes more enemies then friends in his attempts to find the murderer. Danny could not imagine the impact this case will have on his life and his future. His personal journey is touched by great happiness and overwhelming sadness, but he has a case to solve and people are depending on him. Danny sets out to trap the killer unaware of the danger is own life is in. A race against time in a game of cat and mouse that he can’t afford to lose.

» Bangkok Baby by David Bonnie
Date 2012-09-25 | Views  1263 | Books |

Bangkok, night and day, light and dark. A city that cannot be defined, just like the beautiful ladyboys who work and live there. A journey through the dark into the light and back again. Follow the author on a nine-month ride through the city and down the deep soi of imagination, lust, love and sexuality. It may be a ride you did not bargain for.

» Thai Tranny Tales by Half-Lady Lisa
Date 2012-09-23 | Views  859 | Books |

This is not a story of transgender transformation, nor is it a transgender's romantic love story. But "Thai tranny tales" is a collection of strange and unusual stories which are created by the unique lifestyle and character of Thai trannies and presented in lovely fun stories. The same as or even similar to these stories are never created anywhere else around the world.

» A Surprise Under Her Skirt by Jade K. Scott
Date 2012-09-23 | Views  914 | Books |

When Rob meets Jasmine at a bar, he is intrigued. He takes her back to his place and tries to seduce her. Everything seems to be going well until he slides his hand under her skirt and she panics and flees the house. He can't get her out of his head, and when he sees her on the street a few days later, he confronts her. He talks her into coming over that night to talk about things, and once more he seduces her. This time, he discovers there's a surprise waiting for him underneath her skirt! How will he handle finding out the woman he's become so smitten with isn't quite what she seems?

» The Kiss of the Dragon by Guy Lilburne
Date 2012-09-23 | Views  839 | Books |

Danny O’Brien is now retired from the police and constantly being arrested for being drunk and disorderly around London. He has been warned that the next time he is arrested he will go to prison. In his sober moments he thinks about returning to Thailand. When a real opportunity presents itself only a few days later, Danny is convinced that he can feel the breath of the mythical ‘Thai Dragon’ breathing on him and the urge to return is overwhelming. A job offer is made by a beautiful Thai lady to find her missing English boyfriend. The missing person is Jack MORGAN, a retired police officer from the West Midlands police, but if he is missing then who is running his bar ‘Captain Morgan’s on the holiday island of Phuket? After a meeting with Jack Morgan’s mysterious Thai girlfriend Danny agrees to investigate the case. A case that will take him deep into the jungle on the border with neighbouring Myanmar (Burma) and into the hot arid north of Thailand to the shores of the mighty Mekong river. It soon becomes obvious to Danny that this is a murder case but now he needs to find the body to prove it. There is a lot more to Jack Morgan then Jack would have wanted anyone to know, especially an ex detective from Scotland Yard and there are other people who do not want Jack Morgan’s body to be found. Ex Detective Sergeant Danny O’Brien is back on another case in Thailand, but this time it is personal and he needs help from an old friend.

» Half Girl Special by London Shey
Date 2012-09-23 | Views  895 | Books |

A young, hapa crossdresser becomes friends with another half-Asian transsexual and joins her on a path to become more feminine. She blossoms into a cute, sexy tranny through the tutelage of her new friend. The kindred spirits fulfill an appetite for the opposite sex when they realize how attractive and passable they are. Through family connections they land jobs at an Asian massage parlor where they're billed as star attractions. Now as a young ladyboy she must come to grips with her new role when her first client comes calling.

» Thai Ladyboys Getting Hot & Nasty by Yok Waen
Date 2012-09-23 | Views  835 | Books |

5 Amazingly hot stories of sex tourism in Thailand from the ‘Chicks with Dicks’ Series. Getting ‘Hot and Nasty’ with beautiful Thai Ladyboys – Chicks with Dicks and horny tourists! First time sex; bar room pickups; Hotel all nighters! Sexual experiences of the third kind- Red Hot Sex! Highly recommended!

» Red-Light Nights Bangkok Daze by William Sparrow
Date 2012-09-23 | Views  798 | Books |

Contradictory, bewildering, revolutionary and hypocritical, Red-Light Nights, Bangkok Daze is a collection of articles on the complex and fascinating world of sex in Asia.

» Oh Ladyboi by Mia Lee
Date 2012-09-21 | Views  878 | Books |

For many years I longed to have sex with a ladyboi but have never done anything about it; I'm just not that much of an initiator. The community where I live has a lot of ladyboi resident beauties; perhaps they are what started my interest. One such ravishing creature has a gallery close to my office, and I fantasize every time I see her in the coffee shop. She also has an eye popping diamond on her ring finger. Every once in a while, well actually quite often, I’d visit the ladyboi sites on the internet. Of all the pictures the ones that turned me on the most were the ladybois with nice, smaller-than-normal cocks and lovely shaved balls.

» The Alphabet Game by Stephen Leather
Date 2012-09-21 | Views  1116 | Books |

Dave is a frequent visitor to Thailand and has taken full advantage of all the sexual activities on offer in the Land of Smiles. After sleeping with a girl called Ay and a girl called Bee he decides to play The Alphabet Game - having sex with girls named after every letter of the alphabet. He has the time of his life - until he meets a girl called Zed!

» A Night to Remember by I.G. Frederick
Date 2012-09-21 | Views  1018 | Books |

Jesse, 18, is effeminate and more comfortable wearing women's clothes than men's. Of course, this means he must be gay. He's had a few sexual experience with other boys and hated them. A Lesbian couple befriends him and they enjoy dressing him up and showing him off. One night, they take him downtown for an experience he'll never forget. (About 3,800 words. Contains graphic sadomasochism.)

» High Class Affair by Jackson Williams
Date 2012-09-19 | Views  824 | Books |

Genetta is a business woman in a new city every week and no one to keep her company at night, not when she's so choosey about whom she sleeps with. Then one night she meets an attractive redheaded woman in a hotel bar who takes her up to her room in the hotel and shows Genetta more about eroticism in one night than she has learned all her life with anyone else. The sex is so great she can't believe she's being screwed by another woman. But there's a question in her mind - is this woman using a dildo on her or is that the redhead's own enormous cock sliding in and out of Genetta's pussy?

» Ladyboy by Michael J. Baird
Date 2012-09-19 | Views  948 | Books |

These cartoons are outrageous, saucy, bawdy, raunchy and risque. From Asia's Number 1 expat cartoonist Mike Baird.

» Gorgeous and...Hung? by Jimmy Kinky
Date 2012-09-19 | Views  848 | Books |

A pin-up book of deliciously endowed females in more ways than just feminine! Gorgeously painted, raunchy action between she-males of dreams. Beautiful girls with huge tits, round asses and shlongs with low lying balls to make a bull proud. Already a sensation on the net, Kinky Jimmy is first collected into an art book here!

» The Ladyboy Killer by Jackson Williams
Date 2012-09-18 | Views  824 | Books |

Not everyone has lives that are interesting or exciting. For one low-level office worker named Geoff that's certainly the case, but one night while working late he gets a visitor he not only doesn't know, but who guarantees to turn his world upside down. Geoff has never had the kind of sex this new partner shows him, and he soon discovers there's more to this "romance" than he could ever imagine - more and far different than anything he ever wanted in sex. From the author of New Life: The Inspirational Story of Brooke McKellogg, comes a new biographical account of eroticsm guaranteed to make you laugh, weep and so horny you'll want to make certain you're alone before reading this story. Read. Enjoy. Hope you have a box of tissues handy.

» Tranny Sex Adventures by Andrew Toivenon
Date 2012-09-18 | Views  795 | Books |

In the first story a young tranny gets the time of her life with a straight guy in the club. In the second story it gets even better with a pick up story of one of his tranny friends that gets surprised by a big cock. Really great stories that will have you loving great tranny sex adventures.

» Totally Passable T-Gals by Blake Worthington
Date 2012-09-18 | Views  812 | Books |

In Totally Passable T-Gals, erotica writer Blake Worthington explores what happens when straight men enjoy the pleasures of women with a little something extra...for the first time! In "On the DL With a T-Gal," a tall, married, devastatingly handsome African-American lawyer finds himself surprised when he starts fantasizing about his pretty new caucasian temp assistant. But what will he think when he finds out about her surprise package? In "Subterranean She-Male," a cute Latino artist on the outs with his girlfriend is lured into a dark apartment building basement by the mysterious and beautiful property manager. Little does he know the plumbing details down below she will reveal to him and where she wants to put it! In "Shee's Merry Matzo Man," a slender exotic Asian beauty sets her sights on a married Jewish man one Christmas day with only one thing in mind...getting him to submit to her in ways he never dreamed possible!

» Ladyboys of the Caribbean by Soichiro
Date 2012-09-18 | Views  849 | Books |

When Danielle is purchased at an auction by her ex-girlfriend, she's surprised to find that her new master was granted a very large gift from a Voodoo lady. Fortunately, Angelina is more than willing to let her play with the new equipment! Ladyboys of the Caribbean is an erotic short story featuring sexual situations, spanking and general pirate-themed debauchery. This story contains 5000 words and is not intended for readers under the age of eighteen.

» Ladyboy by Roberto Bertoldo
Date 2012-09-18 | Views  943 | Books |

Ladyboy racconta l’amore tra un prete e un giovanissimo trans, una sorta di Lolita dei nostri tempi, rappresentando i risvolti più intimi dell’emarginazione e denunciando la fabbrica e la tratta degli uomini-donna.

» Ladyboy in the Water by Aya Fukunishi
Date 2012-09-18 | Views  879 | Books |

Ben and Anna, two American on their honeymoon in Thailand, find themselves stranded by the side of a river when a white water rafting excursion takes a wrong turn. As they wait for rescue a beautiful Thai woman arrives to bathe in the river. Tall, slim, dark and beautiful, she seems like the perfect woman.

» First Time Sex With A Shemale by Jeremy Wahl
Date 2012-09-14 | Views  914 | Books |

A true story of the first time I had sex with a shemale in Thailand. I know it's nearly impossible to believe that I didn't know... see how it all unfolded and then you'll understand. Note - This book contains graphic descriptions of sexual activity and is for adults only.

» My First Ladyboy by Evelyn Wren
Date 2012-09-14 | Views  1023 | Books |

Stephen can't believe his luck when he meets the most beautiful girl he's ever seen on the first night of his vacation in Thailand. When he takes her back to his hotel, he discovers that she's got a big surprise for him. He's even more surprised with himself, though, when he finds that he's more turned on than he's ever been with an ordinary girl! Adults only!

» Thai Ladyboy Sex Stories by Mark Spits
Date 2012-09-14 | Views  1835 | Books |

This book is filled with true sex stories that happened between a western guy (and guys) and various Thai ladyboys that usually work in bars, on the streets, and at Soi Katoey in Patong Beach, but that also may at some time of the year be found in Pattaya and Bangkok around Soi Sukhumvit.

» Ladyboy Fantasies by Marlene Sexton
Date 2012-09-12 | Views  890 | Books |

Eileen brought her husband, Mike, to Thailand to fulfill his fantasy about having sex with a ladyboy. However, when the sexy ladyboy they find wants both of them, Eileen discovers she might have her own ladyboy fantasies. Soon they are all in a cabana at their beach resort and Mike is living out his fantasy. However, it doesn't take long for the action to turn towards Eileen and she satisfies a craving she didn't know she had, sex with a hot, hung ladyboy!

» Ladyboy Lust by Blake Worthington
Date 2012-09-12 | Views  905 | Books |

Blake Worthington presents four stories about ladies with a little something "extra" who explore new realms of their sexuality. Stories include: She begged to be controlled! In "The Treasure of Madre Sierra," Sierra is a dominate, cut throat corporate VP who hasn't let being a sexy she-male stop her from moving up the business ladder in a tough economy. However, deep inside her resides a naughty submissive lady boy who just wants to be submissive to a demanding alpha male. Will she have the courage to give into her deepest desires? Anyone in the mood for Mexican sausage? In "Chica Chorizo," a businessman visiting a corporate office in Mexico City is surprised to learn that the local VP he found to be a sexy and voluptuous woman is secretly a she-male. What surprises him more is what he lets the spicy Manuela do TO HIM that night.

» The Ladyboy Academy by Clara Bright
Date 2012-09-12 | Views  976 | Books |

"Allan couldn't help but notice that the students at the St. Francis Academy for Exceptional Young Men shared a certain... physical profile." Allan just started college as a scholarship student at a very peculiar school. There are no jocks, no meatheads, no macho guys to speak of. In fact, most of the exclusively male student body could be mistaken for girls in the right light.

» Ladyboys of Bangkok by Art247
Date 2012-09-11 | Views  1024 | Books |

» She-Male Sensations by Blake Worthington
Date 2012-09-11 | Views  912 | Books |

In SHE-MALE SENSATIONS, one of America's hottest she-male erotica writers, Blake Worthington, combines all of the stories from the She-Male Seductions series, Tranny Tempations, Ladyboy Lust, and Triple Tranny Temptations in one exciting, fully-functional volume about hot girls with a "little something extra" for their man.

» Ladyboy and the Tramp Vol. 1 by Sage
Date 2012-09-11 | Views  916 | Books |

Ladyboy and the Tramp (Volume 1) Three sexy tales with a little something extra.

» The Executive Sex Party Ladyboys by Mister Average
Date 2012-09-10 | Views  903 | Books |

You will have read about the sexual adventures of this group of senior government managers in the Executive Sex Party books. One day they came up with something more outrageous, a World Sex Tour! I decided to take part in this once in a lifetime global rampage of sexual excess. First stop was Bangkok, and a night with the ladyboys. It was certainly a sexual challenge - join me, if you dare!

» Do Ladyboys Fancy Other Ladyboys? by Christopher Eyles
Date 2012-09-10 | Views  863 | Books |

A young 23 year olds journal and backpacking memoirs. 'Do Lady Boys Fancy Other Lady Boys?' offers and intriguing yet humorous fast paced spirited commentary of the people and places he meets along the way in Southeast Asia. Through Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

» Two Spirits by Calista King
Date 2012-09-10 | Views  1375 | Books |

Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Learn the difference among the various transgender identities such as androgyny, transman, transwoman, queer heterosexuality and many more. Plus, read about the Hijra of South Asia and Two Spirit from Native American populations. Other transgender topics include bigender, cross-dressing, transsexualism, and more!

» Busty HUGE COCK Ladyboy Encounter! by Wicked Press
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A young couple take a delayed honeymoon to Thailand and soon find themselves in an erotic world they have never experienced before. The 27 year old wife (Christy) is a beautiful, slim, very busty brunette. The adventurous couple get introduced to the world of swinging and jump in with both feet.

» Sex For Sale by Somkid Surintoom
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Nice, the star character of ‘Living With Ladyboys’ tells his side of the story and there are quite a few surprises. ‘Sex For Sale’ vividly describes the typical daily life of a male prostitute in Thailand’s capitol city Bangkok, and exactly what the advantages to Nice were in having transgender surgery.

» Thai ladyboy's Funniest Stories by Lisa Half-Lady
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Sawasdee ka, First thing I want you to know about me - I am a 'Thai ladyboy'. You may hear before about Thai ladyboy but you may never know her stories.

» Pattaya Ladyboy Was My Student! by Jeremy Wahl
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I never thought I would meet my ex-student in a Pattaya, Thailand bar on Walking Street, dancing on the platform next to me. She was a ladyboy as a senior in high school where I taught, and there she was just four years later - a young lady boy still.

» Lady Boys by Peter A. Jackson
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Lady Boys, Tom Boys, Rent Boys: Male and Female Homosexualities in Contemporary Thailand offers methods that will help social workers, researchers, and students create HIV/AIDS intervention services for gay men, lesbians, and transgender individuals in or from Thailand.

» The Third Sex Thailand's Ladyboys by Richard Totman
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Through the lives of three kathoey, male transvestites, this introduction to transgender in Thailand places a cultural, historical, religious, biological, and psychological emphasis on international traditions of sexuality.

» The Ladyboy Survival Guide by Seven
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This short guide will protect you from every man’s fear of Thailand, hooking up with a lady boy by accident.

» Thailand's Theater of Illusion by Cognoscenti Books
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In Thailand practically every town or village has several openly transsexual boys or men who dress as women and are born wfeminine characteristics.

» Ladyboys by Susan Aldous
Date 2012-09-08 | Books |

This extraordinary book is an intimate portrait of Thailand's ladyboys: the men who have chosen to become women.

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