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Thai ladyboy's Funniest Stories by Lisa Half-Lady
Date 2012-09-09 | Views  806

Sawasdee ka, First thing I want you to know about me - I am a 'Thai ladyboy'. You may hear before about Thai ladyboy but you may never know her stories. 'Thai ladyboy's funniest stories' is the collection of fun stories during the high school and university years. If you never live in Thailand, you may never know how much Thai ladyboys have fun over there. They are fast, mischievous and wild. The stories are different from what you already know about Thai ladyboy or other ladyboy stories around the world such as 'Ladyboy soldier' and 'Ladyboy experience living in the remote village'. You can't imagine what is the beginning and ending of the stories. This is not a love story so everyone can read even though you have never involved with ladyboy. "Shooooooo, don't laugh too loud please."

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