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Pattaya Ladies by Michael J. Baird
Date 2012-10-06 | Views  1044

These cartoons are daily sights Mike has seen strolling around Pattaya Town.

Most times when people look at his cartoons - if they live in Pattaya - Their heads will shake and they all say "TRUE".
Mike was showing his cartoon book to a European bar owner whose wife had lived in England with him for 10 years. (She had an English sense of Humor)
She got hold of the Book and sat around with a group of Thai Girls (Eating) while she was explaining each and every one of the cartoons - IN THAI.
The girls were howling with laughter, Crying with Delight plus they were Sheathing at me for showing Europeans many of the Thai bar girls - Unspoken Secrets.
All the other customers who hadn't seen the Book were also in tears watching the expressions of these Thai girls' faces.
That was one of the funniest times for me personally - My throat,jaw and sides ached with so much laughter.
Mike has a nice Gift to be able to CAPTURE the MOMENT in Time in this Town.
Year's later people will look back over Mike's cartoons and see how much Life in this Fun City has changed
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