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It's All About The Blood by Joe Donnachie
Date 2012-09-27 | Views  2319

 It is the story of strigoi aristocrat, Tudor Antonescu, Lord of the West, of the moroi Nick Brakspear, Lord of the East, and of ancient Vladu Vulpes who rules South London with an iron hand.

The three jurisdictions of vampire London are on the brink of all out war. Alliances change and conspiracies develop from day to day. Sudden violence, political and personal, is never far off.

It's All About The Blood is also the story of once-human Morpheus Galen, Tudor Antonescu's grey eminence, and of Gentiana Pavarescu, governor of vampire sorority the Blood Bitches, and of her lover, Ladyboy Blue.

It is the story too, of Albert Spazcock, free-spirited drougir and sometime daywalker. And it is story of Eva, Veronique and Tania and their crew the Dead Goth Society.

As battle lines are drawn and re-drawn the real battle is one that may already be lost. The battle to keep the presence of vampires concealed from the humans on whom they prey and among whom they live.
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