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Thai Ladyboy Sex Stories by Mark Spits
Date 2012-09-14 | Views  1339

 Mark Spits gives you a blow by blow of his sex encounters with Thai ladyboys while living in Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand.

There is little we can describe here of the events in the book. Almost anything that can be said about this book to accurately describe the content will be rejected by Amazon for being too crass.

This book is filled with true sex stories that happened between a western guy (and guys) and various Thai ladyboys that usually work in bars, on the streets, and at Soi Katoey in Patong Beach, but that also may at some time of the year be found in Pattaya and Bangkok around Soi Sukhumvit.

Get this Kindle ebook if you have any interest in knowing more about Thai ladyboys. There are ladyboy erotica stories that will have you laughing and some others that will have you reaching your hand down your pants. Promise.
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