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She-Male Sensations by Blake Worthington
Date 2012-09-11 | Views  674

In SHE-MALE SENSATIONS, one of America's hottest she-male erotica writers, Blake Worthington, combines all of the stories from the She-Male Seductions series, Tranny Tempations, Ladyboy Lust, and Triple Tranny Temptations in one exciting, fully-functional volume about hot girls with a "little something extra" for their man. Stories include: LADIES' NIGHT- A twenty-something small town guy heads out to Ladies' Night at a local bar and meets a beautiful woman with a little something "extra." There's always a first time. In "LOCKER ROOM CHANGE," Nick is a high school boy a little on the pretty and sweet side versus macho and manly. He feels different than the other boys, and he fantasizes about the new jock in school named Sam. When Sam corners Nick in the locker room at the gym and demands that he put on a dress and wig "just for him," Nick begins the transformation to Nicky.

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