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Porn's Stars by Chris Burrows
Date 2012-10-01 | Views  697

 Pornâ€,s in hospital after a minor motorcycle accident; with time to kill, she and Chris sit and recount and regale each other with almost a dozen new stories about people theyâ€,ve known down the years; people of a certain persuasion, people who donâ€,t quite fit into any particular sexual ‘compartmentâ€,—Ladyboys, Ladygirls, cross dressers, transvestites, bi-men, bi-girls and so on—just some of the eclectic inhabitants of ‘Transgenderlandâ€,—her ‘Starsâ€, as she so aptly calls them.

With Pornâ€,s long history of being involved with the TG world, she certainly has enough stories to fill several books and her stories contain more than few surprises; needless to say, Chris finds himself surprised, maybe at times astonished, at the depth of Pornâ€,s knowledge about her ‘Starsâ€, ‘sexploitsâ€, and ‘sexperiencesâ€,.
In any event, telling Chris about her ‘Starsâ€, seems to be good therapy for Porn and, by the end of the night, sheâ€,s ready to slip into sleep, leaving Chris horny and expectant, looking at his notes and wondering, amongst other things: ‘Who did what to whom? Where did they do it? Do such people really exist? Why do they enjoy ‘unorthodoxâ€, sexual encounters so much? Am I really like that?â€,
Eleven new stories all faithfully related by Porn and Chris, together in one new book; ‘Pornâ€,s Starsâ€, completes the first quintet of stories from Transgenderland by Chris Burrows…
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