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The Ladyboy Killer by Jackson Williams
Date 2012-09-18 | Views  670

 Not everyone has lives that are interesting or exciting. For one low-level office worker named Geoff that's certainly the case, but one night while working late he gets a visitor he not only doesn't know, but who guarantees to turn his world upside down. Geoff has never had the kind of sex this new partner shows him, and he soon discovers there's more to this "romance" than he could ever imagine - more and far different than anything he ever wanted in sex.

From the author of New Life: The Inspirational Story of Brooke McKellogg, comes a new biographical account of eroticsm guaranteed to make you laugh, weep and so horny you'll want to make certain you're alone before reading this story.
Read. Enjoy. Hope you have a box of tissues handy.
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