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The Ladyboy Academy by Clara Bright
Date 2012-09-12 | Views  828

 "Allan couldn't help but notice that the students at the St. Francis Academy for Exceptional Young Men shared a certain... physical profile."

Allan just started college as a scholarship student at a very peculiar school. There are no jocks, no meatheads, no macho guys to speak of. In fact, most of the exclusively male student body could be mistaken for girls in the right light.

He's approached during the opening ceremony by a strange young man who recruits him as his virginal cousin Thomas's hand-selected boyfriend, and invited to a party where he's the only one in men's clothes. At the party, he learns that there's much more to Thomas than girlish sweetness in a boy's body: His sweet face hides a horny young man ready to toss his virginity aside and try out a real cock, and Allan's will do just fine!

Warning: This 3,800 word story contains crossdressing, anal sex, and cum-hungry virgin prettyboys. All characters are over the age of eighteen and, though their looks may deceive you, are 100% male.
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