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Totally Passable T-Gals by Blake Worthington
Date 2012-09-18 | Views  424

 In Totally Passable T-Gals, erotica writer Blake Worthington explores what happens when straight men enjoy the pleasures of women with a little something extra...for the first time!

In "On the DL With a T-Gal," a tall, married, devastatingly handsome African-American lawyer finds himself surprised when he starts fantasizing about his pretty new caucasian temp assistant. But what will he think when he finds out about her surprise package?

In "Subterranean She-Male," a cute Latino artist on the outs with his girlfriend is lured into a dark apartment building basement by the mysterious and beautiful property manager. Little does he know the plumbing details down below she will reveal to him and where she wants to put it!

In "Shee's Merry Matzo Man," a slender exotic Asian beauty sets her sights on a married Jewish man one Christmas day with only one thing in mind...getting him to submit to her in ways he never dreamed possible!
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