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Sex For Sale by Somkid Surintoom
Date 2012-09-09 | Views  452

�‘Sex For Sale™ the memoirs of a Bangkok ladyboy prostitute is shocking but perfectly true.

Nice, the star character of ‘Living With Ladyboys™ tells his side of the story and there are quite a few surprises. ‘Sex For Sale™ vividly describes the typical daily life of a male prostitute in Thailand™s capitol city Bangkok, and exactly what the advantages to Nice were in having transgender surgery.

Not for the squeamish or those people who believe in some kind of reform for those like Nice. His increasing desire for money eventually brings about his downfall. A once tender, loving and caring person, this beautiful ladyboy, now hardened and psychologically immune to the most depraved of sexual acts, has a hatred for all foreigners, turning into a dangerous predator looking for his next victim. This is an indepth account of a ladyboys life which would sicken most people with normal responses, but as a social insight, it reveals the damaged mentality of prostitutes whether they be in Bangkok or other large cities elsewhere in the world.