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Oh Ladyboi by Mia Lee
Date 2012-09-21 | Views  712

For many years I longed to have sex with a ladyboi but have never done anything about it; I'm just not that much of an initiator.

The community where I live has a lot of ladyboi resident beauties; perhaps they are what started my interest. One such ravishing creature has a gallery close to my office, and I fantasize every time I see her in the coffee shop. She also has an eye popping diamond on her ring finger.

Every once in a while, well actually quite often, Iâ€,d visit the ladyboi sites on the internet. Of all the pictures the ones that turned me on the most were the ladybois with nice, smaller-than-normal cocks and lovely shaved balls.

Iâ€,m 26 and work as an engineer consultant. Iâ€,m five ten, have a full head of brown hair, and a decent enough physique with no belly. One could say when it comes to the looks department. I'm neither a head turner nor forgettable. I've had my share of women and I'll just leave it at that.

One day stuck at the Philadelphia airport I sat at a bar, nursing a drink, killing time. A leggy thing in her mid-20s, weighing no more than 115 pounds with an expensive page boy cut came in with a large handbag and a piece of roller luggage. By the way she held herself you could tell this mantrap knew she was a looker. She wasnâ€,t the only one: I think every male and even a few of the women in the bar followed her every movement.

My eyes traveled her body – her full breasts, her slim and shapely waistline, her just above the knees skirt of her suit and down her sculpted, sleek legs, to her catwalk ankles. I wondered if the skirt hid a pair of slim, sexy, tight thighs, the thighs I love and many women work their ass off at the gym to get. 
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