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Cocktails & Dreams by Guy Lilburne
Date 2012-09-25 | Views  605

 Just as Danny Oâ€,Brien starts to settle down to peace and quiet and a happy married life in Isaan in the north east of Thailand a serial killer starts terrorizing the beautiful tropical holiday island of Phuket, targeting the sex workers around the bar scene. When ex Detective Sergeant Danny Oâ€,Brien is drafted in as a Detective Consultant on the case he uncovers further murders from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, going back over a ten year period. He makes more enemies then friends in his attempts to find the murderer.

Danny could not imagine the impact this case will have on his life and his future. His personal journey is touched by great happiness and overwhelming sadness, but he has a case to solve and people are depending on him.
Danny sets out to trap the killer unaware of the danger is own life is in. A race against time in a game of cat and mouse that he canâ€,t afford to lose.
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