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Ladyboy Lust by Blake Worthington
Date 2012-09-12 | Views  751

 Blake Worthington presents four stories about ladies with a little something "extra" who explore new realms of their sexuality. Stories include: She begged to be controlled! In "The Treasure of Madre Sierra," Sierra is a dominate, cut throat corporate VP who hasn't let being a sexy she-male stop her from moving up the business ladder in a tough economy. However, deep inside her resides a naughty submissive lady boy who just wants to be submissive to a demanding alpha male. Will she have the courage to give into her deepest desires? Anyone in the mood for Mexican sausage? In "Chica Chorizo," a businessman visiting a corporate office in Mexico City is surprised to learn that the local VP he found to be a sexy and voluptuous woman is secretly a she-male. What surprises him more is what he lets the spicy Manuela do TO HIM that night.

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